Deep-Ocean Observing Strategy

The deep ocean is growing in importance on multiple fronts: as a mitigator and indicator of climate change and as a source of food, energy, and raw materials. These services create a growing imperative to bring together the expertise required to advance our understanding of, and maintain the functioning and services of the deep ocean. Critical to this effort is the challenge of sustainably observing and managing the deep ocean.

Deep-Ocean Stewardship Initiative

The Deep-Ocean Stewardship Initiative (DOSI) seeks to integrate science, technology, policy, law and economics to advise on ecosystem-based management of resource use in the deep ocean and strategies to maintain the integrity of deep-ocean ecosystems within and beyond national jurisdiction.

To get involved go to, sign on to the mailing list and join one or more  of ten working groups

Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation

The Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (CMBC) brings interdisciplinary approaches to understanding, conservation, and management of global

Lisa Levin Lab Website

This website highlights current and past research projects, student and post doc research activities.